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How To Earn Big Money As a Foot Model

There are more ways of making money with feet pictures than just selling your pictures to individual people on the Internet.

One of the best ways is to become a foot model and get paid by modeling companies to advertise products for big brands around the world.


Tips to succeeding as a foot model

Here are quick tips to make the most of your career as a foot model:

  • Stay abreast of trends in the foot modeling industry.
  • Get to understand how feet and camera work in print commercials
  • Follow role models in the foot modeling industry.
  • Practice and master different kinds of poses with the feet.
  • Take good care of your feet to keep them strong, healthy and flexible
  • Exercise your feet to achieve toned muscle and flexibility.
  • Practice using your feet to articulate emotion.
  • Master the flexing of toes the right way to relax your muscles.
  • Get professional help when necessary in your career.
  • Stay located in cities or areas where your chances of getting foot modeling jobs are high
  • Be flexible and try different roles with your feet.


foot model


Companies to get foot modeling jobs

Below are some of the reputable companies that you can work with to get good modeling jobs that pay well:


Models Direct

Models Direct is the UK’s top leading agency. It has been around since 1990.

This agency finds modeling work for interested models, including those who want to make money selling feet pictures.

If you are a foot model or you want to become one then you can actually take advantage of this agency to find the job you want.

You can register with this agency and get the best jobs.

Those are registered with Models Direct Agency are helped in many ways that include:

The experts will help you work in various industries like Fashion, Walk-ons, extras, TV, and advertising.

The best fees are negotiated and paid to you

Your assignments are managed for you.

Click here to check out Models Direct Agency for your foot model job


Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is a modeling community where different types of models sign up to inspire one another.

As a member of this community, you can create, connect and inspire fellow members to become better models.

If you are interested in finding a foot model job, then you can become part of this world’s largest modeling community.

Click here to check out Model Mayhem


One Model Place

One Model Place is a website that describes itself as a creative pool for models, photographers and creative talents in fashion, scouted by industry professionals, for castings and work.

This platform is another place to look for a foot modeling job.

You can sign up as a member and find casting call opportunities. With this platform, you are provided with the opportunity to make a career out of modeling rather and just a few one-off jobs.

Click here to sign up and find foot modeling jobs at One Model Place



Craigslist is a classified ads website. It offers individuals the opportunity to buy and sell items, and also to offer and pay for services locally.

If you are interested in becoming a foot model, you can sign up with Craigslist to see available offers. You can search for foot modeling jobs using the search bar or you can click on the Job feature. Still, you can complete your search by using the location feature.

Click here to check out Craigslist to search for foot modeling jobs in your location



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